Advocate Justyna Pabisz

I am Justyna Pabisz. I am an advocate.

As part of the Law Office I have been running since 2021, I provide professional legal assistance to individuals and entrepreneurs.

I represent the traditional values of the Polish Bar, established for over 100 years, combining them with a modern approach to the challenges brought by the dynamically changing reality.


I understand that the problems my clients encounter permeate not only the legal sphere but usually determine their future life. That is why I offer legal assistance tailored to individual needs, based on transparent principles of cooperation. As part of my Law Office, I offer legal assistance in the following forms:

Providing legal advice – both in person and online

Preparing legal opinions and draft letter

Representation in mediation and pre-court negotiations

Representation in court proceedings and before public administrative bodies

Ongoing legal services

Law Practice Area

My professional practice covers in particular the following areas:

divorce, separation, establishing division of marital property, establishing unequal shares in joint property, division of joint property, establishing paternity, parental authority, regulating contacts, the threat of ordering payment for obstructing contacts, alimony, resolution of important child matters, adoption

avoiding the legal effects of declarations of will made under the influence of error/deceit/threat, determining the existence or non-existence of a legal relationship, protection of personal rights, incapacitation

confirmation of the acquisition of an inheritance/the subject of a vindication bequest, division of the inheritance, recognition as unworthy of inheritance, legitim, avoidance of the legal consequences of failure to submit a declaration of rejection of the inheritance

adverse possession, establishment of an easement, protection of ownership and possession, abolition of co-ownership, settlement of expenditure on real estate (including settlement of cohabitation), eviction, reconciliation of the content of the land and mortgage register with the actual legal status, negotiation of development contracts, purchase of municipal residential premises, development agreements

sale, rent, tenancy, leasing, lending, loan, mandate, construction work, insurance, donation, annuity, innominate contracts, cases for declaring the invalidity of contracts, claims arising from contracts, in particular in connection with non-performance or improper performance of contracts , payment issues, claims under preliminary contracts, refund of the advance payment, refund of the deposit

warranty, guarantee, disputes with financial institutions, bank loans, free loan sanction, Swiss franc loans

satisfaction and compensation, determining liability for future damage, pension, traffic accident, accident at work, medical errors and beauty treatments errors

defence attorney or representative in criminal and misdemeanour cases, representative in enforcement matters – e.g. for deferment of the execution of a sentence, for a break in the execution of a sentence, for consent to serve a prison sentence under the electronic monitoring system

registration of companies, ongoing services for individual entrepreneurs and companies, transformation of companies, legal support at Shareholders’ Meetings, representation in cases of repeal of shareholders’ resolutions, invalidation of shareholders’ resolutions, expulsion of a partner, dissolution of the company


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Adwokat Justyna Pabisz

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